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Kirby McInerney has a proven track record representing whistleblowers reporting frauds committed against the government and investors.

Our team draws upon their years in government and fighting fraud to select and build strong whistleblower cases in all the major whistleblower programs – under the qui tam provisions of the federal and state False Claims Acts, and in the IRS, SEC and CFTC whistleblower programs.

Why Choose Kirby McInerney
  • Experience counts. We have been representing whistleblowers for years and know the whistleblower laws and programs.
  • Results matter. We have successfully represented numerous whistleblowers in cases that have led to some of the largest recoveries.
  • Strong advocacy. We aggressively pursue whistleblower claims through the courts and before enforcement agencies, and we are thought leaders who promote the use and expansion of whistleblower laws.
Whistleblower News

Five Tax Whistleblowing Fallacies

In 2010, New York amended its False Claims Act to enable whistleblowers to sue individual and corporate defendants with a net income or sales exceeding $1 million that cheated on their taxes in excess of $350,000. Other states are considering similar legislation. Randall Fox of Kirby McInerney LLP debunks some common fallacies regarding the New York law.


Kirby McInerney Announces $105 Million Settlement of New York False Claims Act Tax Whistleblower Case Against Hedge Fund Billionaire

Kirby McInerney LLP has, on behalf of its whistleblower client, settled the largest income tax case to date under the New York False Claims Act against hedge fund manager Thomas Sandell and his hedge fund management company